Friday, August 1, 2014

Cosplay & DCI

Piper and I visited my friend Beth so we could start making my Margaery Tyrell dress for New York Comic Con!

Piper and Damson supervise Beth's sewing

What a great pattern!

The pieces are cut for the top

I stopped taking photos so I could help Beth, so the next one is
the mostly-finished product! We have some tweaks to make,
but I had to leave to get home to start the next part of the trip...

Blue Devils drum corps at the Charlotte NC show!
They're currently first place for the season. Their show is "Fellini-esque."

Hanging out by the pool...

...which is on the roof of the hotel and has this awesome view straight up.

And this awesome view straight out.

Ahh, pool day.

Another neat building from the pool on the roof.

Glimpsing the mountains on our drive from Charlotte to Salem.

Piper enjoys the encore performance by my personal favorite corps, Carolina Crown.
It was quite a week of learning for Piper! Sewing techniques, drum corps lingo, how to drive in a giant triangle all the way around the state of Virginia (and into North Carolina)...

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