Thursday, May 22, 2014


Rubber Duck, the giant yellow duck sculpture by Florentijn Hofman, is in Norfolk at the Chrysler Museum of Art! And we got to go see it today! (Everyone in Hampton Roads is posting selfies in front of the duck on Facebook.)

The duck is meant to bring people together and make them happy, according to the artist. Piper looks pretty happy, I think!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Piper in Toronto

What an exhausting few days this weekend was! Flight cancelled, long wait for a rental car, had to walk to the Rogers Centre twice because security told me my purse was too big (does he not understand that I have two LVs who want to come to the concert too?), got a little lost driving back to the airport, sat boarded at the gate for twice as long as we were in the air on one flight... but all in all, we had a good time!!!

At the Rogers Centre... That's about 10,000 people on the floor, by my math.

Avicii takes the stage!!!

Neat fountain outside an office building in downtown

Travel buddies!

Piper & Damson enjoy some public art near the waterfront

Lake Ontario! We aren't certain whether that's Hamilton (Canada) or NY behind her.

CN Tower

Damson & Piper check out this whale statue

CN Tower from afar

We visited Chinatown...

...and tried the spicy Dan Dan Noodles. Hot!

My travel partner, Christopher, makes faces with Piper
while we wait for our planes to board.


I only planned the trip around the Avicii concert, so I totally missed the fact that it was Victoria Day weekend and most things were closed. I think we squeezed a lot of fun into the two days we had, though! (Would have been three, but storms between Norfolk and New York postponed my first flight by 17 hours.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birthday Cookies

We also baked birthday cookies for Husband's birthday!

Supervising the unwrapping of the Kisses with Damson

Yummy finished product!
Delicious! We have another batch of cookies to make for the training day at work before we go to Canada on Friday!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers' Day Cookies

We made cookies for Mothers' Day! This batch was for my stepmom... gluten free chocolate cookies with chocolate and butterscotch chips!

Helping me add the egg and vanilla extract

She wants to lick the beaters!

Showing off the finished product! We did it!

We also made walnut butter balls for Mom (lots of powdered sugar... didn't want to get it all over my camera) and raspberry cookies for mom-in-law (lots of raspberry juice... didn't want Piper to get that all over her!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Colbert Report: Norfolk Edition

So I was watching The Colbert Report the other night, and Norfolk was being featured in the "Better Know a District" series!!!

Those are a couple of Norfolk mermaids in the collage! It was pretty exciting for an otherwise boring weeknight.

Big adventures coming soon... we're leaving for Toronto next Friday!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meeting Damson... and Gimli!

Damson is here! Damson is the LV I'm hosting for the current round. He and Piper are going to be best buds:

Then Piper snuggled up to our kitty, Gimli, who was taking a nap (and therefore unlikely to bite or claw Piper):

Then Piper and Damson helped me figure out which clothes to pack for Toronto, which is where we'll be two weeks from now!!!