Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ship (Kind of)

This is a shot I've tried to get with three LVs now...

On the way home from the Norfolk campus, there's an intersection where, if you have perfect timing with the light and how many cars are stopped in front of you and it's a clear day, you can get a pretty good picture of the ship right in front of you. With Peanut Butter, I had perfect timing but it was such a drizzly, hazy day, it didn't work. With Georgie, I never once had the right timing, despite having at least half a dozen attempts. Yesterday, I didn't have quite perfect timing and I only got one shot at it before the light turned green and I had to go back to being a responsible driver, so it's not a good picture... but maybe I'll be able to try again today.

I know... you don't see a ship. The very top is right over the middle of Piper's head, under the stoplight. Like I said... not a good picture.

Here's another picture that isn't very good:

This is a church right next to MacArthur Mall, taken from the parking garage. I do like that about Norfolk: the old buildings mixed in with the new.

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