Monday, June 23, 2014

Central Library

Piper accompanied me to a meeting at the Central public library in Virginia Beach. This was my library growing up, and since I work in a joint-use library now (part community college library, part city public library) I sort of work with them.

They recently installed something we refer to as an AMH (Automated Materials Handling system)... basically, it automatically checks in books when you drop them in the book drop, and it sorts them based on where they're supposed to go next (shelf, another branch, holds shelf, etc.) We have one at our joint-use library (since our building was just finished last year, we were guinea pigs to make sure it worked the way they wanted before they put them at other public branches). But at Central, the conveyor belt goes under the floor at the front door and you can watch your items if you drop them in the box outside and run around to the door to watch!

We have bigger, exciting adventures coming up soon, but I'd rather keep them a surprise for now! (Oh, the suspense...)

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